Stories and Storytellers

There is magic in every story and the magician is the storyteller. Spellbound I read, listen, tell and retell stories.

I am more than my parts
I am still I am, in spite of living or perhaps because of living
I am not what I was, nor do I want to be
I am who I am
All that I am is what you make of me
I am more than the boundaries of your sentience
I am ..













50 thoughts on “Stories and Storytellers

  1. You know this is what I meant. You are light years ahead of anything i have associated with these names. And I don’t say that lightly.Between RB/Greenteaholic and you – you make me so happy that such beauty and depth can come off a show that honestly doesn’t even begin to justify its existence as the source of the inspiration


  2. Bravo! It takes maturity for a writer to dive into mature subject matter. I always knew that you were a reader who could see the all the picture, but today I know the mature lens through which you eye the world itself. Enjoyed thoroughly.


  3. Your understanding of emotions and ability to portray them in so sublime a manner has made reading your story a profoundly moving experience. Wow, wow and wow again!

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  4. I loved meera’s work. When she mentioned that yours was soo good compared to her, I started reading yours. You are too good and very mature subject and the world need such stories to have a healthier outlook on society.
    amazing work

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  5. I have just loved this story of yours….and your story and your words are truly magical and keep me enthralled… Also loved the mature topic …that u have chosen…really necessary for people to just reach out there n live a little n give themselves a Second Chance….

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  6. Arnav is talking about his married life , seems like he was yearning for a listener like khushi to pour his heart out . Arnav is very cordial with his ex wife & him answering Maya’s endless questions is irking khushi . Finally this girl has started reacting , she was more or less emotionless after NK’s death . Love the way Arnav – khushi’s relationship is shaping up .
    A very mature concept , penned so well Clap

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  7. Not sure what took me so long to get here, but here I am my writer guru, my soul sister! You have magic in your hands and I hope you will continue to weave together amazing stories… I am your reader for life!

    This quote is apt in how awe I am about your writing ability…

    “According to this law [the law of Dharma], you have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something that you can do better than anyone else in the whole world–and for every unique talent and unique expression of that talent, there are also unique needs. When these needs are matched with the creative expression of your talent, that is the spark that creates affluence. Expressing your talents to fulfill needs creates unlimited wealth and abundance.”
    ― Deepak Chopra

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  8. CHAP 25
    Meera has bonded well with her ASR & Mohan . Going back has shaken the child , Mohan is also worried about Meera’s departure . Khushi is hit by the reality of situation , seperation from Arnav is hurting and equally disappointing too . The decision is in khushi’s hands , she can either make the three of them happy forever or go back to her life back in US , just staying alive and not living .
    Looks like Manorama has decided the future for her khushi and Meera , an happily ever after for the four of them as a family .
    Well written MB Big smile

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  9. Hi Mirabell! I have known of this story for a while & have been meaning to read it at leisure but that hasn’t happened. I have read bits & pieces of the story & have many good things about it …comments that it so richly deserves! You know you have got it right when writers of the calibre of Meera30, Sandhya & Chokri_ASR recommend this story! 🙂

    I plan to read this story properly from the start and will leave my thoughts as I go along…and while I do that, a big ‘thank you’ for all your efforts to bring to us this story! I will hopefully catch up soon!!

    Lots of love!

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  10. A cheer to karmic manifestations of love! 😀
    There is this indescribable sense of glee when I find myself at the beginning of a journey. Particular one that promises to dance upon the senses with heart and a fine pen.
    I hope you’ll enjoy this passenger hitching aboard the SC Train. ^^

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  11. What is it with your story and words M….. They leave me completely speechless… I will come back and comment definitely when I can manage to put my thoughts coherently – your work certainly deserves it…. But for now…. A big thanks for sharing with strangers like me 🙂

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  12. hello ….came across ur story few days ago n read all parts in one go n o must say i loved it
    Would love to continue this story if u allow me d sccess to ur blog
    Plzz provide access
    looking forward to read more of ua magic
    here…from now onwards…!!

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  13. oh my god mirabell.. what do i say?? this story is shaping up so so so beautifully.. i wish i could express my thoughts on your writing as well as you write.. then you would have got a highly eloquent and superbly written review… love it… and look forward to many more..

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      1. Yeah…I have read it…It’s an awesome one…..yar….
        I wish U had written more FFs… I want to read anything..if it’s written by U…Ur SC hooked me…like Deepthiya Di’s writings…
        I suggest U to go through her FFs if U not already…specially “Valiant Knight&Fighting Fate”…Right now she is working on “Sex between Hearts”…
        I think U will love them too…just a friendly suggestion…k…
        &Thank you for the replies…:)

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  14. Hai meera i am new here….this story is very interesting…emotional too…keep writing…i love to read all u r other stories…can you grant me.permission

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