Chapter 1: Overture

Chapter 2: A Sojourn

Chapter  3: Refrain

Chapter 4: Retrospective 

Chapter 5: Appetence 

Chapter 6: Saudade – A Love That Remains

Chapter 7: Reprise 

Chapter 8: Bounded Boundaries 

Chapter 9: Cocooned

Chapter 10: Betwixt

Chapter 11: Incipience

Chapter 12: Prelude

Chapter 13: Trysting With Midnights

Chapter 14: When Reluctant Met Resolute

Chapter 15: Hearts, Maps and Dreams

Chapter 16: Awakened Hinterlands

Chapter 17: Secrets and Sweet Sorrows

Chapter 18: Lambent Fires

Chapter 19: Precursor

Chapter 20: Secret Alchemies

Chapter 21: Shadows and Light

Chapter 22: Phantom Pains and Living Scars

Chapter 23: In the Still of the Night

Chapter 24: Between Mountains and Molehills

Chapter 25: Bridges and Bandaids

Chapter 26: Memories on Totems

Chapter 27: Twilights

Chapter 28: Zero Sum Game

Chapter 29: Heroes and Villains

Chapter 30: Truths and Lies

Chapter 31: Affirmations

Chapter 32: Journeys

Chapter 33: A Sense of Enoughness

Chapter 34: Illusions

Chapter 35: Chained Silences of Solitude

Chapter 36: Contradictions

Chapter 37: Maps of longing 

Apologies for MIA

Chapter 38: Unraveling

Teaser for Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Starlights and Pillow Fights

Chapter 40: Ambivalences


75 thoughts on “Index

  1. Recommended by my Sister and I didn’t even Know About Show But When i Started Reading I Got so Attached to the Story I have This Story Upto 12th Part I search Full Night and Finally Found some Parts from here and there and come to this Spot to Share my Feedback What can i Say Its So Beautiful Two Best Friend (Lover) had Past they Met After 10 Years with Leading a Differents Life One widow and One Divorced and God Arnav’s Son has ASD Can Feel his pain and Khushi She was Incomplete without NK and Then Arnav came to her after 10 Years This is so so Good You are Amazing Writer as i read Uppar comments also on Your Twitter Account (Yeah i am Stalker now ) You will continue this Story Till the time i hope i will catch with all remaining Parts and Join the Latest Update. Take Care and Please Update Soon Thank You so Much again for Wonder Full Story I will Never Forget this Beautiful Piece of work.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know many of you keep checking in and stopping to say hello. I appreciate it so much.
      My family and I are not in a good place right now. We are dealing with a health crisis at home and I am the primary caregiver. I don’t know when this will end, but I hope it will be soon.
      I miss my story, I miss my readers and friends. I kiss the world I created.
      So, on a selfish note I am going to ask for good wishes.
      On that note… thank you for these messages. When days are darker than the darkest night I escape into this world and read your notes. ❤️

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  2. Hey Mirabell,

    I m latecomer to the IPK universe and chanced upon your story “Second Chances”. Unfortunately I m unable to find any working links beyond ch 13. I can see chapter names and non-working links on IF.

    Yeh toh bahut nainsaafi hai sarkar. Pyaase ko do boond de ke pyaasa mat chodiye.

    Pls share the entire story. It is a gorgeous, diaphanous tale and I m dying to see the threads come together.

    I echo all others here in celebrating your writing. Reham karein huzoor, aapke jawab ke intezaar mein…


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