Greetings Friends

My story, Second Chances has moved to a new blog. If you are interested in following my story, here is the new link:

Yes, it looks like it is the same blog, but it isn’t. If you look closely enough and compare the two links, you’ll notice the difference. But all that is unnecessary.

The new blog is and that is all you need to follow.

If you have been receiving updates and reading chapters 1-6 then you are good to go.


17 thoughts on “NEW BLOG LINK

  1. Thanks Mira! I am already there. That day I had an issue accessing it. So I sent a request. I absolutely adore this story. If you recall I kept coming back to you for an update saying Arnav has been sleeping for a long time.

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    1. I have posted a question on the Chatter’s Corner (on this blog)… and asked one of my many talented readers to help. Can you take it up from there? Are you trying to follow on your phone or a computer? And if you are using a computer, you have to accept the cookies that wordpress asks. (I think). Hope you can find some help, my friend.

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      1. I m following on my phone…thank you for doing help ..but now also I m not receiving notifications..that’s ok I will come to ur site regularly to chk Abt the update. No worries..will not stop reading ur masterpiece ..I really really loved ur narration of story .I m always in for ur writing

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