Chapter 1: Overture

Chapter 2: A Sojourn

Chapter  3: Refrain

Chapter 4: Retrospective 

Chapter 5: Appetence 

Chapter 6: Saudade – A Love That Remains

Chapter 7: Reprise 

Chapter 8: Bounded Boundaries 

Chapter 9: Cocooned

Chapter 10: Betwixt

Chapter 11: Incipience

Chapter 12: Prelude

Chapter 13: Trysting With Midnights

Chapter 14: When Reluctant Met Resolute

Chapter 15: Hearts, Maps and Dreams

Chapter 16: Awakened Hinterlands

Chapter 17: Secrets and Sweet Sorrows

Chapter 18: Lambent Fires

Chapter 19: Precursor

Chapter 20: Secret Alchemies

Chapter 21: Shadows and Light

Chapter 22: Phantom Pains and Living Scars

Chapter 23: In the Still of the Night

Chapter 24: Between Mountains and Molehills

Chapter 25: Bridges and Bandaids

Chapter 26: Memories on Totems

Chapter 27: Twilights

Chapter 28: Zero Sum Game

Chapter 29: Heroes and Villains

Chapter 30: Truths and Lies

Chapter 31: Affirmations

Chapter 32: Journeys

Chapter 33: A Sense of Enoughness

Chapter 34: Illusions

Chapter 35: Chained Silences of Solitude

Chapter 36: Contradictions

Chapter 37: Maps of longing 

Apologies for MIA

Chapter 38: Unraveling

Teaser for Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Starlights and Pillow Fights

Chapter 40: Ambivalences

74 thoughts on “Index

  1. hi
    i am mona. i have found this story recently n what a story it is. its so different from other stories. i just loved it . n meera is my fav.
    waiting for the next.
    update soon.

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  2. I read the entire story within a span of two weeks, it would’ve taken me a few days but I’m another aspiring Khushi trying to become a doctor!! It is a great refreshing story and their emotional turmoil is crazy but on point! I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us readers 🙂

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  3. I’ve always commented on SC on the forum… This new update was very sad indeed.. Can’t believe people do this … My sincere wishes to your friend!

    Hope your doing fine Mira! Thank you for bringing this to our attention will be reading and commenting on your work in the blog henceforth!

    Looking forward (my IF id is amaypranay)

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  4. I really feel sorry for jigs bcoz when you ppl spent so much time n than create such a nice story for us I don’t understand what these cheaters get while cheating so I strongly condemn this act n will support you ppl.

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  5. Hi mirabell,
    When i saw the title about a note, i was worried. I feel bad for jigs and gonna miss her.
    Thank you for the lovely story and I’m keenly waiting for future posts.
    Lods of love,

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  6. Loving your writing and the depth of the story. I would imagine that you either work or has dealt closely with autism, which enriches the story. Also science? Being a medical-physicist myself, I loved how you webbed science, engineering and medicine into the story. It got me hooked.


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  7. COPYRIGHT BREACHES – Usually, all that takes is for the owner of the copyright (the author) to report the breach to the website manager, be it Facebook, Blogger or whatever and the offending material will be removed. Most often, the account will be closed. The key thing is that the ‘owner’ and noone else can make the claim. Has this been attempted?

    I would suggest to all authors to add a copyright claim to each post and include the actions that will be taken in cases of breaches.

    What is left to say . . . disgusting!

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  8. Hi ! I am so in love with this story. It tugs the strings of my heart — you write the struggles the characters have — are dealing with so eloquently. Have you written anything else besides this as well? I’d love to read more of your creations if you have written.

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  9. Mira, this story is so close to reality for someone very dear to me. It’s like you’ve penned down her struggle and then her good fortune. What beautiful writing, my dear. I wish you the best.

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  10. If this is your first story, I can only imagine how far you can go. From every IPKKND fanfiction I read – and I read many – this is the only one, which I think, with proper (professional) editing, is worth of publication.

    The story is meaninful. It has depth. Has heart. So, congratulations.

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  11. Hey !!! I’ve just read the whole story a few days ago … its really nice … ur writing is mesmerising … waiting for the update dear … update soon

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  12. It’s true that it has been a long wait. However, when the story is this interesting, we readers will be glad and thankful, whenever you post an update. Cheers.

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  13. Hi Im new here!!! I first came to see ur story damsel in distress first!! As soon as i read few chapters i became greedy & started googling abt u!!By luck i came to see this superb story. I have not read it yet, bt by luking at the comments itself is saying that it is gng to be an awsome story.Keep writing…
    So nw gng to read nwwwwww!!! 😀

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  14. Hi Mirbell followed your story on India forums I love your story and have commented on it hope you complete it ,I love the concept and am a proud parent of a boy with high functioning autism ,he in his last semester to graduate from business school ,so hope you give Johan a bright future it’s possible all they need is people to believe and ,stand with them .,

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  15. I started reading this story 2 days back…i was hooked! Such beautiful writing, storyline, characters!

    I cried a lot while reading the initial chapters…and felt happy and light hearted as happiness crept back for Meera and Khushi…and Mohan and Arnav 🙂

    Hoping to read the next chapters soon 🙂

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  16. I have started reading it since last few days and I’m not getting enough of it. Now more than them I’m eager to find out how everything will fall in its place. Very well written; no rush of emotions and this indeed make sense. Thanks 🙂

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  17. Hi dear
    I have recently came to know about your story second chance and believe me I read all the 40 chapters in one go. You are undoubtedly marvellous. I really like every chapter. Though extracts in which interaction between Mohan and Meera are written are my most favorite ones. But no doubt all chapters are simply amazing so as you. This is a request dear to update next part of second chance. Please please please please please please please dear.


  18. Hey how r u?
    Long time since u updated.. hope all is well at ur end.. really i was so so happy happy whn i saw ur comment for meera30.. so i thought i misses yr updates n came here directly without commenting there..
    But itseams has have to wait for ur entry..
    Hope u come back soon..
    One of fav writers who is missing in action..
    Tc buddy

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    1. Awww! Thank you so much! I have been well. Just having trouble getting back into the swing of writing. 😔 Hope to have something sometime in the near future. Thank you for thinking of me!

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    1. I have a life (which is really complicated right now)… and I am not writing for an income. I have a career… So…thats why its taking so long. I don’t know how old you are, or what your life circumstances are.. but your message has a tone of entitlement and rudeness. Perhaps that wasn’t what you intended. I am not sure. I don’t need this kind of pressure right now. So, if you don’t like waiting, you are not obliged to read my story.


  19. I am sorry dear, if I sounded rude, but that was not my intention. I have a great regard for you and your awesome work. First time, I am reading something different from IPKKND and I loved it. It got me captivated and so moved with the way you write, going into the depth of emotions that Arnav and Khushi experience with the way their lives have turned out. I must consider myself very fortunate to have come across your story. So, once again, do forgive me. I didn’t mean to be rude, but was very impatient. This was the first story, which I sat down and read all the chapters in one go. Thanks to you and your fabulous writing. God bless and take care of yourself.!!

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  20. For your information, I am going on a holiday to US, to visit family and friends for nearly two months n will be back sometime in Feb 2018. I am currently staying in Ont. Canada. Take care n God Bless!!

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