Greetings Friends

My story, Second Chances has moved to a new blog. If you are interested in following my story, here is the new link:

Yes, it looks like it is the same blog, but it isn’t. If you look closely enough and compare the two links, you’ll notice the difference. But all that is unnecessary.

The new blog is and that is all you need to follow.

If you have been receiving updates and reading chapters 1-6 then you are good to go.

A Second Chance? A (Re)Start

So, here I am again, hoping to journey with you to see this story through. I began this story in the warm summer month of May, 2014. I began posting on India Forum with chotidesi aka Meena Narayan holding my hand. I met so many of you and made friends with many of you. The story progressed to forty chapters and life intruded so harshly, I retreated. And my story retreated with me.

But here I am, on February 24, 2019 trying to keep a promise made to a friend (meera30) that I will not orphan a story. The story still resides in me. I am holding on to my second (or third?) chance in telling it?

I am not what I was in 2014, or even in 2016 when I went on a hiatus. I have changed, moved, shifted with my life’s earthquakes. So, I am revising as I revisit the story. So, it only seemed natural to have a new start, a new page. In my case, here is my new blog. I hope you will follow me here? It is the same name – Second Chances by Mirabell.